What in the world is a session add on, you ask? Well, here at SMBSP, I offer my clients with a completely tailored experience. Most of the design and props that I use to create the perfect custom session for each client is included in the session fee. However, from time to time client's want additional elements that make their session extra special. Below you will find a list of these additional elements that I can "add-on" to your session to make it even that much more special! 

Milk Bath Add-On: $75

  • This fee is added on to the Classic Session and covers the necessary supplies to create a gorgeous milk bath session. This includes all floral elements, headpieces, fabric, and milk (or dairy-free creamer). 

Smash Cake Add-On: $50

  • This fee is added on to the Classic Session and covers a simple custom smash cake that will coordinate with the session design elements. This product is not available to those with special allergy concerns as it contains dairy, wheat, corn, and other allergens. Furthermore, cakes provided by the photographer do contain sugar. 

Bubble Bath Add-On: $50

  • This fee is added to the Classic Session WITH a Smash Cake Add-On. It is designed to be the final set in a cake smash session, and is always the highlight of the smash session. Babies love the warm water and bubbles after devouring their yummy cakes. With the bubble machine going full force, this is always the cherry on top! Parents are responsible for bringing their own soap as they know their little one's skin sensitivities best. ​

More Time Please: $50

  • This fee is added to the Classic Session and extends the maximum session time to 2.5 hours. This is perfect for those sessions that require multiple local locations (usually within a 10-15 minute drive from the initial location), outfit changes, or multiple session types. For example, you may want a park setting and a city scape in your session. This gives you time to not only get to the different locations, but also allows for ample time to change clothes, and get back in a groove.  This could also be added on to the Classic Session with the Milk Bath Add-On to combine a Milk Bath Maternity and Maternity Boudoir Session into one long, glorious session. 

Above and Beyond Prop Design: varies

  • As I mentioned, all of my session are custom designed. Often, I'll include a new prop into the set to make the session unique to your family. However, from time to time, families want a little more.  I'm always happy to fulfill reasonable requests for additional design elements in your session. Depending on supplies needed, prices vary.